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Clouds And Clouds..

Posted by Taksict - June 23rd, 2018

I do not even know what to say to the guys, let's get down to business right away:
  First of all, I was fired from my job, yes, I know, many people are fired, but it's simply not possible to describe the situation in words, it was painful enough and difficult to transfer, but after one week, I decided to write about it. [Absolut Deviant!]  
Why am I so worried about being fired? Well, first of all, because I don't work, which means I don't earn for my studies, I don't want to pay my parents for it, or rather they will, but shame will eat me for it, sooner before I let them do it.
Unfortunately, the family is not all too well, but I will not disclose it.
  As you already understood, it's summer now, the heat of the session, and due to the fact that I was also fired, I can finally make much of my hobby, drawing, and yes, I drew all the free drawings I collected in March, thanks to all those who have waited! I'm really ashamed of it. But I hope that I will be able to accept free requests sometimes again!
  Oh, of course, it's also a session, it's not clear what is required, there is nothing to explain, well, although the course is written, and that's good!
  Psychological condition? You know, not the best moment in my life. I'm really sensible, as the slightest case can cause a storm of emotion in me, yes, I began to take it very close to heart, I became very emotional, trivial, watching the movie "Lolita" in me caused tears.
  But do not worry, together we can handle this, i hope...
  I'm going to turn on a streams, at twihc, so that those who want to see how I draw, could do it personally, live, and maybe.. Could support it with donations. But, it is only in the plans so far, if it is implemented - I will certainly write about it.
Well, in conclusion I would like to hear from you questions, if they certainly are to me. If not, then you can answer a couple of my questions:
1. What are you going to do in the summer?
2. How did you survive the winter and spring?
3. What would you like to see in my work?

I hope that the audience that used to be, come back again, since I look at visiting this page for a month - it saddens, although it's my own fault, I did not draw anything after all.
Thank you for your attention, write, I will answer.


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