2014-12-18 02:30:09 by Taksict

Hello everyone! What are you doing? With you I am! Your Holiday Gift!
I am a long time, in the morning, I wanted to write a magazine, but you're in luck, because now there was a very good thing, perhaps with her and we begin.
I was very lucky, because I have to save money for college tuition, herself! Can you imagine? And my parents were afraid that we will have and they help me, but that's the trouble was over, now for the difficulties of life.
Already in December, from 15 to 30 the number will be a session, and the most difficult of all, this story, but we mastered, overpower guys !!
Work also all goes well, the truth in the beginning, after a long work very back ached, but now many times easier.
Immediately the first of January, I will write how was the session and the results of 2014, all thanks!


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