2017-06-03 18:59:18 by Taksict

Hay! Someone still here?


2014-12-18 02:30:09 by Taksict

Hello everyone! What are you doing? With you I am! Your Holiday Gift!
I am a long time, in the morning, I wanted to write a magazine, but you're in luck, because now there was a very good thing, perhaps with her and we begin.
I was very lucky, because I have to save money for college tuition, herself! Can you imagine? And my parents were afraid that we will have and they help me, but that's the trouble was over, now for the difficulties of life.
Already in December, from 15 to 30 the number will be a session, and the most difficult of all, this story, but we mastered, overpower guys !!
Work also all goes well, the truth in the beginning, after a long work very back ached, but now many times easier.
Immediately the first of January, I will write how was the session and the results of 2014, all thanks!

A little bit of summer

2014-10-20 14:44:28 by Taksict

Guys, that's normally-written magazine, yes, I promised not long ago, a week ago, all the reports about the life, and the way things stand now, I'm sorry that detained. 
But! As you probably can understand, since I can not write in any way, then I have something to do. 
Unified State Exam was quite heavy. If last year the majority could find and write off the answers, but this year it was different, the teachers can not be nothing to lose sight of, plus four chambers, two in front and two behind. But nevertheless, I still passed, and did not come out with a statement about the fact that I did not finish school. 
But to my great regret, these points were not enough, and so yes, enter the Moscow City Pedagogical Institute, yes, for me it was a great loss. I cried, I was really hard to live with it. 
Nevertheless, I have the remaining option to go to the College of Education №16, a fee of course, though in contrast to the Institute, there is much less price for training, 40,000 rubles a year, because I went to work, and now I work all week, and Saturdays I go to college. 
So yeah guys, time for drawing is a little, but I'm still at least once a week so I will draw. 
I do not know what other issues will be on my way, but I hope that in the future, more so nerve problems I would not have 
Oh yeah, October 16, will be B-Day this sweet candy, so .. you know what to do. 

Thank you very much for your attention, you're a great audience.

Clever Wizard

2012-10-28 04:31:44 by Taksict

Gentlemen, in view of the fact that soon Halloween will be a couple of prizes, namely drawings.
But this time, things are much more complicated <s>(Becouse author is BADASS)</s>
In order to take place, to answer one of the questions, depending what category you choose.
They will be open from 21\10 to 2\11
Here are the questions at the bottom of
:Good luck and Happy Halloween!:pumpkin:
1. Taksict's Favorite.[not solved]
2. Who said "Give me a fulcrum and I will move the earth"?[Solved]
3. If the chest is all, then there is no?[not solved]
Line art (from the head to the tors):
1. Who invented and painted "Pandarus" (is also one of the first employees"Blizzard".[not solved]
2. What is given to a person in life twice, and then buys it?[Solved]
"Half body" (decked):
1. "No matter what level of-tune. Whatever boss symphony! Bananas for fluffy, that rings a prickly." What kind of game console is it?[not solved]
"Full body" (embellished with the background to choose from):
1. Was officially opened in Germany 275 years ago, September 17, 1737?[Solved]



All of our plans [Part 2]

2012-07-10 02:27:21 by Taksict

Guys, everybody must know that summer is the time when you often have to hang around in traffic (if you're going away), and often have to be out for SUMMER IS TIME TO REST, and yes, I'll go again, but this time by 21 to Ukraine because all the worries will be "frozen", those who ordered the commission, I ask you, do not be angry, August 7, I'll come and completed what was to be done a long time ago.
And yes, I am Plus everything else is now going away, and come in two days to prepare for the trip.
Total Departure 16 July, returning on August 7.

Here is a list of people I should pictures:
Comission for JinxMix
Comission for TetraKnight
Comission for FIM-Adopts
Comission for Chibi-Katie
Maybe try to have time to do something now.


2012-06-15 08:05:35 by Taksict

Cheers, guys, I passed, now do not have to suffer from this study, recreation and summer, sea, and so on and so forth.
Honestly after all the GIA directly with the soul stone fell. About all I'll tell you the outcome.
Mathematics: GOD! This is terrible, despite the fact that I wrote to the traditional form, it was harder than the GIA in mathematics at times, and eventually I got three, there is nothing wrong, well that is not 2.
Biology: this was no problem at all, the tickets I learned how she could have got the normal questions, teachers are not much bothered with the questions, because 4.
Russian: Unknown, but I hope that at-least 3 or 4 will be.
English: It was really easy, because I talk a lot with foreign people, such as Jessy from Switzerland, a great man, who supported me in the tone of the English language, and many others, but because of the excitement, embarrassment and fear, I have received 4 while another friend of mine even said the teacher handed a pure two.
And yes, I'm going to yet, parents do not want to leave one at home, so 5-6 days I would not be here. And yes, I know that I should have two figures.
Do not worry everything will be when I arrive, I'll try to do everything, but this summer a lot of ideas.


2012-05-19 14:44:50 by Taksict

Sorry guys that I have not had a whole week and I will have nothing of it did not say, did not have time.
For yet I have no time to pass exams, because the amount of time I visited here to see prices could fall. But do not worry, pictures will be ..
Until then, until now those days when I just will not:
May 29 (28) - Mathematics
June 1 (31) - Biology
June 5 (4) - Russian
June 8 (7) - English

Wish me luck :**
Aaand, next kiriban 22.222

Closing the eyes

2012-04-14 13:20:36 by Taksict

The list is closed, no more enemies and those who need something to me, I'm just tired of fighting with those who do not hit so I will be silent, and possibly go from here.


2012-03-08 03:22:08 by Taksict

Wow, holiday, 8 marta.No how not funny, I was not up to joy, traitors and bullies so much that even wants to hang himself. Plus, there's a guy called me to go to the movies, and now wrote that he could not, like "Some problems", and I'm sitting here already all prepared, beautiful, and there is quite a shame.
Although there are advantages, such as my most loyal friends are trying to fight off the bench.
However, this comes up a lot of problems, such as my list so confused that I hate their art, no, do not confuse the people and what they draw, I like to paint them, but I do not like that they forget about me and have a couple of months no paint, the more some individuals and ignore altogether making it clear that they were never to the drawings begin.
Thank you that you have spoiled all my mood and is now threatening to me that the administrators will be closed, it's very kind of you.

The roots

2012-02-09 12:08:51 by Taksict

Kha ..
S top s top all the skills, I create a video At last
Only the video of course is not yet of themselves multiki as well, the statement ridiculous value.
Yes, this will also apply to commissions, this movie will be worth 30 points.
However, I was distracted, and now I have a very well-known places.
Links to my pages are at the bottom .. (at the bottom!)
However, saying they will soon again http://taksict.deviantart.com/art/Comissions-inf o-251342695
1.Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/Taksict
3 video about this pic http://taksict.deviantart.com/#/d4oxr9i
2.Tumblr http://taksict.tumblr.com/
3.Vk (FOR RUSSIAN!!!) http://vk.com/taksict
4.NewGrounds taksict.newgrounds.com/